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Guide • October 2, 2015

7 Innovative Mobile Games You Can Play with One Hand

You only need one free hand to play these seven innovative mobile games
  • Alto’s Adventure

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    Gorgeous and addictive, this award-winning endless runner takes snowboarding to a state of Zen. It’s all about the fluid visuals and calm soundtrack (bro). It’s totally NOT about the guy clipping his fingernails and harshing your morning java buzz.

    Available now for iOS and soon for Android. $1.99.

  • Blocky Raider

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    In Blocky Raider, we once again confirm that imitation is indeed the best form of flattery. Lifting just about everything from the phenomenon that is Crossy Road, this title throws a slick Indiana Jones skin on top of the gameplay to create another mind numbingly awesome one-handed homage to Frogger.

    Available for iOS and Android. Free.

  • Monument Valley

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    If the fictional President of the US can get hooked, certainly the non-fiction you can too. Unless you’ve been asleep on the L train for the past year, this Webby-winning puzzle game is an absolute must-play for any casual puzzle game fans.

    Available for iOS, Android, and Windows. $3.99.

  • The Path to Luma

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    Branded games get a bad rap but can often be satisfying experiences. The Path to Luma is no exception. From Phosphor Studios (the makers of the epic Horn) and NRG Energy, this game eschews ads and in-app purchases, and delivers striking graphics, inventive puzzles, and memorable mechanics.

    Available for iOS and Android. Free.

  • Prune

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    Sometimes a game just doesn’t feel like a game. That’s Prune. A breathtaking, intuitively designed one-finger-only experience. And not the finger you’re used to using during a harried rush-hour commute.

    Available for iOS. $3.99.

  • Ridiculous Fishing

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    This is a fishing game. And it’s totally ridiculous. Which means you are either all-in or completely turned off. If you’re the latter, we still love you. And so does the narwhal waiting to be caught.

    Available for iOS and Android. $2.99.

  • You Must Build a Boat

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    This hybrid puzzle/role playing game actually has very little to do with building a boat. However, it does have everything to do with seducing you into its weird, 8-bit world of maps, monsters, and matching. Truly addictive and infinitely satisfying. 

    Available for iOS and Android.

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