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Guide • February 8, 2016

13 Apps and Gifts for Valentine's Day

These 13 products, services, and apps will make your Valentine’s Day great
  • 1. Punkpost

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    Texts are nice, calls are ok, but sometimes the best way to say ‘Hi!’ or ‘I love you!’ or ‘Miss your face!’ is through a handwritten card. Sending unique, trackable cards is as easy as shooting a text when you use Punkpost. Your first card is always free and the first 200 Netted readers get 20% off their second with code NETTED (Code expired!).

  • 2. The Bouqs Company

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    Valentine’s Day and flowers go hand-in-hand. But why send expensive, mediocre bouquets when you could get gorgeous blossoms from The Bouqs Company? These vibrant flowers ship straight from the farm, and last way longer than others. Plus you get 15% off and free delivery. Now that’s love.

  • 3. Jack

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    Delayed gratification is usually a bummer, like waiting in a long line at Chipotle. But not with Jack: Craft a message and add a photo to send your bae something special that he or she can only open after a set period of time (like, hint-hint, only on V-Day).

  • 4. FreedomPop

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    You know what’ll make your Valentine swoon? Having 100% free LTE internet all the time. Surprise your love with FreedomPop. Get a certified pre-owned pocket-sized nationwide LTE hotspot for just $29.99 (that’s 80% off) with free shipping. That comes with a high-speed data trial, and more.

  • 5. Milktape

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    You could stumble through an awkward declaration of love. Or you could make a dope USB-enabled mixtape and have Alicia Keys sing your declaration for you. Grab a Milktape and make it happen: Netted readers get 10% off with code netted.

  • 6. Reserve

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    We love Chinese food as much as anyone, but takeout probably isn’t going to cut it for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Reserve will recommend great restaurants near you, book a table for you, and even allow you to pay via the app. Oh, and grab WineGlass for help picking out the vino. Now that’s smooth.

  • 7. Cord Taco

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    Tangled cords are the worst. You know what aren’t the worst? Tacos! Tell your significant other they’re loved (and maybe need to stay more organized) with a Cord Taco. These positively adorable leather organizers are available at 10% off for Netted readers with code NETTED.

  • 8. Gotta Go!

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    Valentine’s Day isn’t, how should we say, the ideal evening for a first or second date. But you’ve already committed yourself, so why not protect against a potentially awkward dinner with Gotta Go!, an iOS app that will text or call your device at selected times, giving you the perfect excuse to bail.

  • 9. Soothe

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    Netflix and boxed wine certainly spells chillax, but there’s nothing quite as stress-relieving as a massage. With Soothe, a masseuse comes to your home, anywhere, anytime. Skip the fancy dinner and pamper yourself and your partner. By all means, leave on Jessica Jones in the background.

  • 10. Klikaklu

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    Maybe you’re the type that likes to go all out for Valentine’s Day—flowers, chocolate, a parade. Here’s an idea: A romantic scavenger hunt. Download this tongue-twister of an app to take photos in tagged locales and create scavenger hunts that others can follow. Build it well, and you might end up doing some tongue-twisting yourself.

  • 11. Project Repat

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    Looking for a great V-Day gift? How about some old T-shirts! Yes, we’re serious. If your S.O. is sitting on a stockpile of shirts, turn them into a comfy quilt with Project Repat. Your cuddling time is guaranteed to increase by 10%, and Netted readers get 20% off a quilt with code netted.

  • 12. Ribbon

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    Listen, whatever you do, showing up empty-handed on Valentine’s Day with the line, “Aren’t I enough?” is not a good plan. Luckily, professional help is just a text away: Message Ribbon and a real live person (someone who is actually good at gifting) will help you find the perfect gift.

  • 13. Musical Prank Valentine's Day Card

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    Just got through a rough breakup? Say no more: Grab a Musical Prank Valentine’s Day Card and send it to that cheating ex of yours. Once they open it, the music won’t stop until the batteries run out. Meanwhile, you can sit down with General Tso and The Bachelor and smile, because you’ve officially won Valentine’s Day.

  • 14. Date Night Guide

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    And if your Valentine’s Day plans go especially well, be sure to check out our Date Night guide for 5 apps that will help you keep the sparks flying long after V-Day is over.