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Guide • July 12, 2017

Catch Up on Webby Podcast Season 1

From the early days of the internet to social media activism and more, catch up on all of Season 1 Webby Podcast episodes.
  • Vint Cerf, Co-inventor of the Internet

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    For our pilot episode, we started at the very beginning: Co-inventor of the Internet Vint Cerf joined us for a nerdy deep dive into the history of the world wide web and a firsthand look at the early days of computing.

  • Nancy Lublin, Founder, Crisis Text Line

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    We chat with the founder of Crisis Text Line and former CEO, Nancy Lublin. David-Michel and Nancy talk about mental health, AI, machine learning, and how to put all this data to good use.

  • Alex Blumberg & Matt Lieber, Founders of Gimlet Media

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    We sit down with the founders of Gimlet Media to discuss building a podcast network, producing branded shows, working with Tinder, and the future of digital audio. (Pictured: Alex Blumberg)

  • Carter Cleveland, Founder & CEO of Artsy

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    David-Michel sits down with Carter Cleveland, the Founder and CEO of Artsy, to discuss how discovering, buying, and selling artwork has been transformed by the Internet. (Photo credit: See-ming Lee, used & resized under license)

  • Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director, Refinery29

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    Since it launched in 2005, Refinery29 has been a hotbed for everything from lip gloss to political commentary. We chat with the woman behind it all, Executive Creative Director Piera Gelardi, about how she built the brand, how it cultivates young writers, and more.

  • Anand Varma, National Geographic Photographer

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    What’s life like as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine? Hear how photographer Anand Varma’s years-long honeybee story led him from his own backyard bee hives to capturing never-before-seen footage of honeybee development.

    Visit to watch “Honeybee Metamorphosis.”

  • 21st Annual Podcast Winners Roundup

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    The winners for the 21st Annual Webby Awards are announced today! We listen to and discuss some of our favorite winners from this year including Missing Richard Simmons (2:37), Still Processing (9:35), How to Be a Girl (16:05), The Bill Simmons Podcast (20:04), and Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell (26:02).

    Visit to see all the 2017 winners.

  • Rajesh Anandan, ULTRA Testing & UNICEF Ventures

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    What’s it like to start a tech company where 75 percent of the workforce is on the autism spectrum? Rajesh Anandan walks us through how neurodiversity is a competitive advantage in business.

  • Stephen Dubner, Freakonomics

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    Stephen Dubner joins us to revisit the Webby-winning Freakonomics podcast episode “Is the Internet Being Ruined?”. We also discuss the Freakonomics approach to question asking, dig into what it was like to suddenly become a New York Times best-selling author, and his partnership with award-winning economist Steven Levitt. (Photo credit: Audrey S. Bernstein)

  • Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

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    Closing the gender gap in tech is no easy task, but Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani is leading the charge. In this episode, we get into how diverse workforces are more creative, how we socialize women to be perfect, and how she’s working to change the tech industry for good.

  • Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief, BuzzFeed

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    BuzzFeed has morphed into a thriving outlet for investigative reporting, and Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith has shepherded the site’s transformation. From the Trump dossier to fake news and more, we explore how he’s navigating an increasingly turbulent environment for news outlets.

  • Laurie Segall, Senior Tech Correspondent, CNN

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    In her video series “Mostly Human,” CNN senior tech correspondent Laurie Segall explores the darker side of tech—everything from leaving behind bots of ourselves after we die to Silicon Valley’s impact on mental health and more. We dive into those topics and try to answer some heavy questions about life’s intersection, or coexistence, with technology.

  • Bob Bland & Cassady Fendlay, Women's March

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    How do you start a global movement? Ask National Co-Chair Bob Bland and Communications Director Cassady Fendlay of the Women’s March: We talk about the march’s humble beginnings, the importance of intersectionality, and more.

  • Tavi Gevinson, Editor-in-Chief of Rookie Magazine

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    She achieved fame as a fashion blogger, launched a magazine, and started an acting career—all before her 21st birthday. Writer, actress, and Editor-in-Chief of Rookie magazine Tavi Gevinson is a powerful voice for teens online: We talk about how she built a thriving community with Rookie, publishing in the age of social media, and more.

  • Join Us This Fall!

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