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Guide • April 16, 2012

Easy Money

Money is fun. Managing it, not so much. These 10 tools can make it easier – even mildly enjoyable.
  • OneReceipt

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    That shoebox full of receipts? Hardly the height of recordkeeping. OneReceipt automatically archives e-receipts and provides an easy tool to catalogue photos of paper ones using your smartphone.

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  • Wikinvest

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    Diversifying is great for your finances, bad for your organization. Wikinvest syncs all your investments (including 401k) in one place and provides stats, news updates, and trends – all in real time.

  • Bump Pay

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    Collecting debts with fists usually means something has gone terribly wrong. In the case of Bump Pay, it’s business as usual. The new iPhone app lets you transfer funds simply by bumping your phone with someone else. (Not recommended for most business transactions.)

  • Hope Phones

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    Turn that early-model iPhone you use as a paperweight into a tax deductible charitable donation by sending it to Hope Phones, where it will be repurposed to help advance medical care around the world.

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  • Jumsoft Money

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    Having constant access to your finances is a plus (and who knows when the urge to balance your checkbook will strike?). Jumsoft’s Money program syncs across Mac, iPhone, and iPad for an effortlessly cohesive experience.

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  • MoneyWise

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    Economics 101: You need more money coming in than going out. MoneyWise is a simple Android app to track income and expenses as well as create budgets and graphs to see where your hard-earned cash is being spent.

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  • Paydivvy

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    Five most awkward words in the English language: “Have you paid rent yet?” Paydivvy sets up accounts where users who share expenses can split bills, collect funds, and even set up recurring withdrawals from multiple accounts – no reminders needed.

  • Venmo

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    Scratch that. The five most awkward words in the English language are definitely: “You still owe me $20.” Sync Venmo to your bank account to transfer and receive funds to and from Facebook friends (all for free) sans face to face confrontations.

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  • Trakr

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    Trakr is a simple, fun-to-play-with app that helps you tally just about anything. Total your weekly morning coffee tab, or set a budget of how much you can spend and count down with every cup. Keep multiple projects running at once and export your data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

  • Teaspiller

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    Next year, just use a darn accountant. Teaspiller has listings for verified pros in your area, all of whom are capable of giving you a quote, answering your questions, and preventing you from binge drinking on Tax Day.