Father's Day Gift Guide 2013 - Netted
Guide • May 31, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide 2013

11 serious gifts for dear old dad on Father's Day
  • Harry’s Shaving Razors

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    A civilized dad deserves a civilized visage. The Truman set from Harry’s includes a handsome razor (available in four colors), replacement blades, and shave cream with stuff like milk thistle and cucumber in it. Very civilized.

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  • Smart Stick

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    Dad would love one of those smart TVs. You’d like to be able to pay rent this month. The solution: This USB drive-sized stick that plugs into the HDMI port on any TV and connects the set to streaming content on the Web.

  • CA Rucksack

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    The days of nerdy, fanny-pack toting Dads are behind us. If Pops is lugging his laptop to work, make sure he does so looking slick with this Sherpa-lined laptop backpack.

  • Belcampo Meats

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    The rest of the year is for watching cholesterol. Father’s Day is for some of the finest bacon you’ve ever tasted – certainly the best you’ve ever ordered online.

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  • Things Fall Apart

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    If Dad is fond of tinkering out in the garage, he’ll definitely dig this book on the inner workings of the world’s most innovative designs.

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  • Energize Flashlight

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    An old saying goes, “You can never have too many flashlights.” Well, maybe that’s just in our family, but if you buy in you should grab this LED lantern/flashlight that’ll never burn out.

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  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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    Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    There is, rightfully, a sandwich named after Ron Swanson, and it appears to have “all the bacon and eggs.” Now your Dad – though groggy and ill prepared – can make his own with this ingenious device.

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  • Socks (Really)

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    Once upon a time, giving socks as a gift was a sign of laziness at best, disdain at worst. Now, thanks to this subscription service, getting a new delivery of surprisingly cool socks will, well, knock their socks off.

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  • Bold Poker

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    Poker night. It’s a tradition. One in need of an upgrade. Shelve the bent cards for this app, which turns an iPad into a one-touch Texas Hold ‘Em dealer and everyone’s iPhone into a virtual hand of cards.

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  • Grippy Pad

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    Superman he isn’t. Clumsy he is. This advanced silicone material pad grips all kinds of stuff, like satellite navigation systems and smartphones without magnet, velcro, or sticky adhesives.

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  • Beacon Smartphone Remote

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    Your TV reads infrared rays. Your phone speaks Bluetooth. This nifty gadget converts the signals from your phone so your TV can understand them. Like Dad always says, it’s all about communication.