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Guide • May 25, 2016

Netted Guest Stars: Paul Murphy, CEO of Dots

The CEO of Dots, Paul Murphy, gives us 5 mobile games worth playing
  • Netted Guest Stars: Paul Murphy

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    With big hits like Dots and Two Dots under his belt, Paul Murphy is someone we trust when it comes to mobile games. Check out his picks — in his own words — for 5 games that are actually worth your time and investment.

  • Breath of Light

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    “One of the most relaxing puzzle games you could play. Ariel Magnes, a technical artist on our team, introduced me to the game and I use it to relax after a particularly stressful day.”

  • Duet

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    “As you play the levels you feel yourself entering a trance, and the more you relax the better you do.  The music matches the gameplay beautifully.”

  • Lettercraft

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    “I’m terrible at spelling, so I tend to not play word games, but these guys have managed to make one that’s so simple and elegant I can’t help myself from playing.”

  • _PRISM

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    This one takes some getting used to. The fun part is figuring out the challenge they’re giving you, then you get a nice feeling once you complete it.”

  • Prune

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    “I’m a sucker for games that fill you with the sense that you’ve achieved something. Prune reminds of the feeling I had when I first played one of Patrick Moberg’s early Dots prototypes, like you’re crossing something off a list.”

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