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Guide • September 24, 2015

Live Well with 5 Essential Apps and Services

These 5 apps and services will help you build up your mental, physical, and emotional health
  • Moodnotes

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    A healthy lifestyle isn’t all about what you eat or how much you sweat—it also has a lot to do with what’s going on in your head. Record your thoughts and feelings with Moodnotes, an app that tracks your emotional state and gives you tips on how to improve your mood and mental well-being.

  • PillPack

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    Living well means keeping your prescriptions, vitamins, and OTCs in order. PillPack ships clearly labeled, pre-sorted, individual packets straight to your door every two weeks at no extra cost beyond your regular co-pay. Skip the drug store and join the modern pharmacy here.

  • Mindbody Connect

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    Yoga or pilates? Spinning or zumba or whatever this is? The number of options for fitness and wellness classes can be overwhelming, but you can easily browse all the classes and services available near you with Mindbody Connect.

  • ShopWell

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    Ice cream freezers… Aisles devoted to fried potatoes… Yes, grocery stores are full of temptation. So put ShopWell in your pocket. This app learns your dietary needs and tells you what foods to eat. Scan barcodes and it’ll even recommend healthier versions of those products.

  • iTriage

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    All your best efforts aside, sometimes you’re just not going to feel well. For those days, you’ll need iTriage, an app that locates nearby doctors, logs your health information, and finds answers to your health questions.