Holiday Hosting Guide 2013 - Netted
Guide • November 15, 2013

Holiday Hosting Guide 2013

These products will make the next two months as easy as pumpkin pie
  • Makr

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    Every year your cousin Sheila wows relatives with her handmade centerpieces. Show her up with invitations, place cards, and a bevy of other prints you can make with this iPad app’s customizable templates. Print them yourself, or order professional prints directly through the app.

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  • Cards Against Humanity

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    You’ve got cousins coming into town for a whole week and you can only go to the mall so many times. Spend a couple of hours playing this extremely inappropriate card game with them (it’s like Apples to Apples). That will keep them occupied.

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  • Wall of Sound

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    Phil Spector’s great Christmas Album A Christmas Gift For You employed his characteristic huge, wall of sound. This iPhone speaker is about as close as you’ll get to an actual wall of sound – it’s 5 ½ feet wide and almost 400 pounds.

  • Yummly

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    Whether it’s bringing a dish, or roasting a whole turkey yourself, this recipe site will not only take you through what you need to do, it will recommend great dishes to try, too. Cranberry Sorbet will definitely go over well wherever you’re celebrating.

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  • Shuttr

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    The most awkward of moments during the holidays – even more than those “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” gifts – is deciding who takes (and who gets excluded from) the group picture. This wireless camera remote for iPhone and Android makes sure everyone can be in the shot.

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  • Singtrix

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    Rather than caroling out in the cold, stay warm inside and belt out the classics with this home karaoke machine from the makers of Guitar Hero. It uses natural-sounding vocal effects to autotune even the most tone-deaf of crooners.

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  • Delectable

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    Terrifying words: “why don’t you pick out a bottle of wine?” Don’t risk humiliating yourself by bringing up a port when clearly the meal calls for a Pinot Gris and grab this wine-identifying-and-recommending iPhone and Android app. Then drink up.

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  • Cluster

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    Your friends, they love to take party pictures. Sharing them, however, not so much. This app for iPhone and Android automatically collects photos from your party so every guest gets a copy of every other guests’ photos.

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