Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013 - Netted
Guide • April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013

13 delightfully digital gifts for Mom
  • HEX Focus Case

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    Ma knows her way around a wardrobe. Up the ante on her favorite accessory with these iPhone cases made from premium, water resistant, waxed reverse denim. Yes, denim.

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  • Mosaic

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    This iPhone app lets you choose the 20 best photos from your camera roll and turn them into a beautiful 7-square-inch hardcover book. The best part: It arrives in just 4 days.

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  • Jawbone UP

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    Mom spent years making sure you exercised, slept well, and ate right. Return the favor with this high-tech smart wristband, which tracks your every move and provides data on your health.

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  • Belkin Kitchen Stand

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    Mom’s been an iPad addict ever since she got one. Now with this handy stand and stylus she can use her tablet while cooking without dirtying the screen.

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  • Lettrs

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    Celebrating long distance? Instead of sending an email or cookie-cutter greeting card, use this site to turn your digital correspondence into a beautifully made, hand-mailed paper letter.

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  • Everpurse

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    These stylish clutches (in such high demand they are released in small batches) contain a phone charging dock. Use the included inductive charging mat to re-up the bag itself.

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  • Patch Herb Planter

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    Whether she’s an urban dweller with limited planting room or a farmer with acres of primo topsoil, your mom will love these ingenious self-watering herb planters for her window sills and balconies.

  • CamelBak All Clear

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    Mom is the type to practice what she preaches: 8 glasses of water a day. Make sure her H2O is squeaky clean with this water bottle that uses UV technology to purify its contents.

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  • Sesame

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    Maybe giving gifts has never been your forte – don’t sweat it. Sesame sends pre-made themed boxes for everything from gifts for new moms to “puppy picks” for dog lovers.

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  • Cuisinart Electric Kettle

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    There’s nothing Mum likes better than a nice cuppa to start the day. This electric kettle quickly heats water to the precise temperature for the perfect mug of coffee or tea.

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  • The Bouqs

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    Instead of a single bouquet, sign up Mom for monthly delivery of these premium stems grown on eco-friendly farms, where the soil is pH-balanced and the food is volcanic melt water. All subscriptions receive 10% off and delivery is free.

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  • Stick-N-Find

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    “Where’s my checkbook?” “Where are my keys?” “Where’s your little brother?” Mom won’t lose anything ever again if she attaches one of these smartphone-enabled tracking stickers.

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  • The Bikepod

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    She’s already Instagram obsessed, so let’s make sure mom snaps pics safely when she’s out and about on her two-wheeler. This tool mounts your smartphone on your handlebars, turning it into a roving tripod.