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Guide • August 29, 2016

Netted Guest Stars: Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit

Reddit Co-Founder shares 5 apps that make him feel like he's living in the future
  • Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit

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    We chatted with Reddit Co-Founder, IADAS member, serial investor (including in the companies ahead), activist, and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian about 5 apps that make him feel like he’s living in the future. Check out his picks in his own words.

  • Slack

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    “Always connected to all the people I need to talk to during the workday (and sometimes outside the workday). And there’s always some new plugin that adds something useful and new (or just amusing).”

  • Tilt

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    “I’m the planner among my friends, so Tilt was a no-brainer investment for me. There’s never been an easier way to pool money from groups of people.”

  • Instacart

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    “Webvan was a bust, but Instacart is everything Webvan wanted to be and more. I’ll open this app weekly to order groceries while I’m in between meetings and there’s something that feels really nice about not having to wander the aisles anymore. That’s a big part of why I invested in it—it felt magical even back in the seed stage.”

  • Kamcord

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    “Livestream your phone screen. What? Yes you can. We’re all living our increasingly mobile lives so this shouldn’t really surprise anyone.”

  • Reddit

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    “(c’mon! how could I not?) Hundreds of millions of people around the world determining and discussing the zeitgeist feels pretty futuristic—and it’s far exceeded Steve and my humble expectations when we started it 11 years ago. It took us a minute to launch native mobile apps, but since returning to the company last year, we’ve been making up for lost time!”

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