Soapbox Derby - Netted
Guide • December 4, 2012

Soapbox Derby

4 tools to amplify your Twitter experience
  • Chirpify

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    Complicated financial transactions are reduced to a single tweet. Repay friends directly from your PayPal account or allow people to buy items you’re selling simply by replying with “buy.”

  • Slices

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    Lists might be Twitter’s most-helpful and most-ignored feature. This tool makes them for you, analyzing your feed to group similar tweeters and make finding new, follow-worthy ones easier.


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    People are tweeting all around you, but there’s no way to search by geotagged tweets. This app maps each one out, lets you respond, and filters out the garbage.

  • ShadowMe

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    Ever wanted to see the world through someone else’s (read: a celebrity’s) eyes? Open this up on your iPhone, then enter their handle see what they see, right next to your feed.

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