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Guide • March 13, 2014

Spring Cleaning Guide

12 apps, sites, and products for a digital spring cleaning
  • Tidy

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    You’ve got some on Facebook, a bunch on Instagram, and even more floating around on your phone. (And those are just the selfies!) Put all of your pictures, no matter where they are, in one location with this free and extremely organized photo aggregator.

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  • AM

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    What’s the dirtiest object in your home? Hint: It’s right at your fingertips. Whether that’s your smartphone or tablet screen, it’s a veritable petri dish of grossness. The good news is you can disinfect it in a matter of seconds with this line of portable device cleansers.

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  • PillPack

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    Raise your hand if your medicine cabinet is in disarray, stocked with tubes, pill bottles, etc., some full, some empty, others expired. Save time, and stress, by consolidating your prescriptions into one handy packet, and having them delivered straight to your door.

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  • CleanMyMac 2

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    So much of your computer’s memory is cluttered with junk files, hidden from sight. CleanMyMac 2, from the tidiness experts at MacPaw, scans and cleans your device in seconds to free up gigabytes of precious space.

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  • Handle

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    Your email is a mess. You want to make a to-do to remember to clean it out, but your to-do list is also a mess. Maybe you should email yourself a reminder… Actually, just stop the madness and use this service to combine your to-dos and email.

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  • Krrb

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    You love the armoire. We love the armoire. Everyone loves the armoire. But, alas, you don’t have room for it in your 7×7 studio apartment. Hock it for a handsome price on this yard sale-like pawn site.

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  • LaCie Sphère

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    Once upon a time, a terabyte of memory would probably take up a full floor at some secret lab at MIT. Now it fits in a beautiful, polished silver sphere that backs up your entire photo, video, and music library. Extra-tidy feature: It requires no power cord.

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  • Thinkery

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    You have so many good ideas, and so many good intentions to revisit links. But without organization, good intentions become forgotten ones. Fortunately, this digital brain lets you submit, hashtag, and store your thoughts, lists, and internet inspirations, all in one place.

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  • Cannonball

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    It’s kind of a cop-out to hire someone else to handle your spring cleaning. But sprucing up your email really should be left to the pros. This email organization service lets you know what’s important, and when. It also turns your subscriptions and coupons into a customized catalog.

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  • Exec by Handybook

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    About that cop-out – if you do decide you’d prefer a professional to clean your domicile, turn to this meta executive cleaning service search engine that serves New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and a host of other messy cities.

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  • Evernote Hello

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    You probably have a drawer somewhere that you can’t open because it’ll explode with business cards from people you’re supposed to connect with. Digitize physical cards and contact details in a matter of minutes with this app from Evernote.

  • OneTab

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    Spend a couple of hours online and your browser tabs start looking like the bathroom line at Bonnaroo (read: long). Save your computer’s RAM from overloading, and your browser from collapsing, by consolidating tabs into one list with a simple click of this Chrome extension.

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