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Guide • January 10, 2020

Staff Picks: BASIC®

BASIC® shares their top apps/sites for 2020
  • State: Breathing

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    Kaitlin Bitter / @kaitlinbitter
    Favorite App/Service: State: Breathing

    “From navigating high pressure situations to hacking the performance of sleep, controlled breathing can help transition the nervous system back to a parasympathetic state. It’s one of my favorite tools for improving focus or winding down. The State app is perfect for guiding you through deep breathing intervals when you need them.”

  • Lipsum

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    Garret Schauteet / @gschauz
    Favorite App/Service: Lipsum

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    Emma Santangelo /@emsantangelo 
    Senior Strategist 

    Favorite App/Service:

    Podcasts are my fave, but finding a really good one can be hard. Usually I find out about one through word of mouth, but scrolling through the endless abyss of the Apple podcast app kind of kills my vibe. Wilson is fun because it’s a “Podcast Magazine” that sends you a curated playlist of culturally relevant and thematically significant episodes and wraps ‘em up into an issue with a cool, well-designed cover.

  • NYT Cooking

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    JP Burcks /@skcrub 

    Favorite App/Service: NYT Cooking

    I love cooking, I love a good experience doing it and the NYT Cooking app makes both so damn easy. The app experience is wonderful throughout the entire process. Chef’s kiss.

  • Highsnobiety

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    Erwin Hines /@erwin_hines
    Creative Director 

    Favorite App/Service: Highsnobiety

    Highsnob is one of the only platforms that provides an in-depth look at the impact of urban culture on fashion.

  • Fonts Ninja

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    Lizzie Callen /@yeahsureokaycool

    Favorite App/Service: Fonts Ninja

    I use Fonts Ninja to an obsessive degree. It’s such a nifty tool for both identifying fonts and their specs, but also for test driving them. Fonts Ninja lets you try them out in the browser (for free!) or on your desktop (for a small fee).

  • @jasmine_orlando2 on TikTok

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    “CC” Chris Cody /@boujeevuitton
    Internal Brand Designer

    Favorite App/Service: @jasmine_orlando2 on TikTok

    You can call me by my middle name, my middle name is Vanessa, so you can call me by my middle name if you want to. Or you can call me Shawty or Shorty or whatever you want, ok? You know the vibes.

  • SpaceJam

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    Erik Sena /@ErikLSena

    Favorite App/Service: SpaceJam

    As a ’90s baby and wistful millennial, I have a borderline obsessive fascination with all things retro. I love a tastefully designed website as much as any creative, but there’s something about that grips my nostalgia. It’s a vestige of the pre-Y2K Internet untouched by Silicon Valley. A lasting memento of simpler times that harkens back to the days of GeoCities and Jock Jams, serving as a warm embrace for the inner child within us all.