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Guide • May 2, 2023

Staff Picks: Canva’s Top Tools

We spoke with Canva's team once again to discover the digital tools they love—from puzzles and games to music, cooking, and more!
  • Tasha Delin

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    Senior Manager, Global Partnerships
    Pick: Nike Run Club

    I’ve never been someone who gets excited about exercise. I have to force myself to get out every time, but I always feel amazing afterward. Nike Run Club App is full of inspirational guided runs. With this App I always have a running partner motivating me throughout my runs. This year it has helped me with some PB distance and speeds!

  • Chloe do Rosario

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    Experiential Marketing Manager
    Pick: Spotify

    I listen to music multiple hours a day and Spotify is my go-to. I particularly appreciate the auto-generated blends and playlist compilations they make based on listening habits, which is a great way to have the faves in rotation but also discover something new. Best use of personal data by a mile!

  • Lisa Ferragano

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    Brand Media Lead
    Pick: The New York Times Games App

    I love word games, and I have an obsession with completing Wordle every day, trying my best at Spelling Bee (sometimes it’s a game I play with my first grader and it’s a great opportunity for her to practice spelling and learn new words), and if I’m up to it, the crossword puzzle.

  • Claire Tobin

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    Campaign Director & Brand Marketing
    Pick: Zoe

    The Zoe app is an incredible way to take your health and nutrition to the next level. When you sign up you get a Zoe pack fitted out with a blood sugar sensor that speaks to the app giving you real-time data on how your body responds to the foods you eat. After gathering data for two weeks Zoe gives you a personalized meal plan complete with “Zoe scores” to help you pick foods that work best for you. Because, every body is different!

  • Alberto Cinco

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    Senior Graphic Designer, Brand Partnerships

    As someone who loves discovering interesting things on the internet, this app is perfect for collecting and organizing them. From images to texts to links, I love how I can connect them all together and form ideas that can be incredibly useful for my personal projects and hobbies. This app has a community in its core that collects things from the web as well, and what’s great is that you can easily put them in your collections (or “channels” as they call them) or you can put things in theirs. I like to see it as mindfully growing your own and the community’s knowledge/idea gardens.

  • Laura Ives

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    Art Director, Brand Partnerships
    Pick: Notion

    I use Notion to plan and organize my weekly tasks. You can customize different layouts to suit your needs and style preferences, and once you’re set up, it’s intuitive to use. I also use their template pages to store recipe ideas and movies that friends recommend, to create mood boards and various other things. I love that it’s all in one place and accessible wherever I am.

  • Victoria Gilmore

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    Campaign Manager
    Pick: Airbnb

    I love to travel and love staying in Airbnbs when I do. Even when I don’t have a particular destination in mind, I love to explore unique homes (like treehouses, farmstays, or boats) and build a trip around the stay. Airbnb’s app makes discovery and exploration so easy that I end up spending a lot of time searching and dreaming up future adventures!

  • Katherine St Lawrence

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    Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
    Pick: Splitwise

    Splitwise is a free app that helps you track money between friends and family. It saves so much headache counting up bills or transferring a million times, and no one is left wondering if they’re owed. It lets you customise entries if bills aren’t an even split and tracks multiple currencies. I’ve used it on so many trips where friends and I are constantly taking turns with restaurant or bar bills, and even have some lifelong running tabs with friends I see regularly.

  • Bek Cooke

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    Global Brand Media
    Pick: Waze

    Your best friend on a long road trip. It shows you speed cameras and hazards along the way. It’s crowd-sourced so you know that the info is [mostly] real-time and you can chat with other cars [a great way to pass the time…just me?]

  • Mélissa Cosneau

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    Brand Media
    Pick: TooGoodToGo

    Helps to reduce food waste by connecting customers to restaurants and stores that have surplus unsold food. You can search for your favorite local restaurant or whatever cuisine you love.