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Guide • March 2, 2022

Staff Picks: Dot Dot Dot Media

The Dot Dot Dot team shares which digital tools are keeping them prepared for Internet's next era.
  • Rainbow Wallet

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    Laurie Segall 
    CEO, Co-Founder

    Favorite App/Service: Rainbow Wallet

    Why I like it: When I started getting into the Web3 space, a friend told me about Rainbow Wallet – a mobile wallet app that’s user friendly, and allows you to easily view NFTs you buy. Entering the space and buying NFTs for the first time isn’t exactly seamless. I found this super helpful as I jumped in.

  • Obscura Camera

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    Derek Dodge 
    Co-Founder, Executive Producer

    Favorite App/Service: Obscura Camera

    Why I like it: This is my go-to photo-taking app for when I want to unlock the full potential of the iPhone. You can control things like exposure, focus, ISO, shutter speed, file format, etc. It’s a few years old, and they have some newer versions out now, but this one still works great if you want manual control over your phone’s camera.

  • Substack

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    Evan Shapiro 
    Head of Strategy

    Favorite App/Service: Substack

    Why I like it: The perfect publishing platform for the Creator Economy.

  • Agisoft Metashape and Cinema 4D

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    Craig Waxman 
    Freelance Creative Director

    Favorite App/Service: Agisoft Metashape and Cinema 4D

    Why I like it: As an independent creative director, I’m always looking for ways to bridge the gap between traditional storytelling and what’s coming next. Photogrammetry really excites me, and opens up tons of doors for immersive content creation. It’s as much fun to watch users interact with high-fidelity 3D scans, as it is to make them. I think this tech will play a critical role in introducing users to next-gen media with something rooted in our current, familiar world.

  • Libby

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    Nick Covell 

    Favorite App/Service: Libby

    Why I like it: Libby got me back into reading things that aren’t NYT parenting articles or Instagram comments. It’s got my library’s complete online catalog, giving me access to virtually any audiobook/ebook I want. It’s simple, accessible, and I get to support my local library.