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Guide • November 10, 2020

Staff Picks: Slack

Team Slack shares their favorite apps to maximize their routines and stay well-rounded
  • Notion

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    Rodney Manabat / IG @rdnymnbt
    Favorite App/Service: Notion
    Staying productive and organized isn’t the most exciting thing, but it’s something I’m always trying to improve. The flexibility of Notion as a productivity app actually makes it kind of fun.

  • Fabulous

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    Maria Gonzalez / IG @theonlymaria
    Design Lead
    Favorite App/Service: Fabulous
    Fabulous has really helped me establish and keep a daily morning and evening routine, especially now that we are at home most of the time. It feels really good to check off daily tasks and be rewarded for taking 3 minutes to stand up or meditate.

  • Spotify

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    Christina Campbell
    Creative Operations Manager
    Favorite App: Spotify
    Spotify gives me the best personalized playlists. I get to relive some classics and discover new artists so my music knowledge is constantly expanding.

  • Stickies

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    Stuart Lovinggood / IG @sturtlovinggood
    Favorite App/Service: Stickies
    One of my first desk jobs was as a chat agent for a popular manufacturer of computers and electronics, and Stickies on Mac were the quickest way to save all the canned responses for customers. I still find the humble tool incredibly useful, not only for jotting down ideas during meetings, but also visually organizing work on my desktop.

  • River

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    Jennifer Tan / IG @jenniferntan
    Design Lead
    Favorite App/Service: River
    Between the elections, pandemic, and my new found interest in all things home, I’m consuming more news now than ever. The River app makes news bite-sized and easily consumable in a slick, dark-mode friendly format. I love being able to switch between stories I follow, trending news, or searching for new topics I’m curious about without having to leave the app.

  • Dropbox Paper

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    Andrea Drugay @andandreadrugay
    Group Copy Manager
    Favorite App/Service: Dropbox Paper
    I like using Dropbox Paper to write, because it offers a lot of creative flexibility: no page boundaries mean I can write long or wide without hesitation, tables and colors let me create mini-spreadsheets, and it’s so easy to drop in media files anywhere on a page.

  • Google Keep

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    Michael Belen
    Favorite App/Service: Google Keep
    Simple scratchpad to help keep me organized and somewhat on-track at the grocery store

  • Yahoo Fantasy Football App

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    Josie Jeffries
    Design Director
    Favorite App/Service:  Yahoo Fantasy Football App
    As a dedicated team manager since 2012, I return to this app year after year to curate a high-performing roster of NFL players in hopes of taking home the trophy, cash, and pride of first place. Weekly trades, drafts, and drops due to injuries and bye weeks keep things interesting and engaging.