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Guide • August 9, 2017

Staff Picks: WNYC Studios

Check out recs for awesome apps and websites from WNYC Studios
  • Google Art Project

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    Jenny Lawton
    Editor, A Piece of Work with Abbi Jacobson
    Favorite App/Service: Google Art Project

    “With the Google Art Project, every time I open a tab to start a work task, that task starts with a moment of beauty. It also introduces me to works and artists that are often absent from major museums.”

  • Transit

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    Joanna Solotaroff
    Producer, 2 Dope Queens
    Favorite App/Service: Transit

    “Considering I work on an off-the-walls comedy show, my favorite app is embarrassingly practical. Transit is the most accurate transit app I’ve found, with consistent and reliable updates on delays, along with a simple interface for navigating our very complicated transit system. It’s even kept me on time through the MTA’s ‘Summer of Hell.’ Thanks, Transit!”

  • Sci-Hub

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    Latif Nasser
    Director of Research, Radiolab
    Favorite App/Service: Sci-Hub

    “This website has been called ‘the Pirate Bay for science nerds,’ and it allows you to get virtually any paywalled scientific journal article for free. It’s made by this badass Kazakh neuroscientist/pirate lady who was only 22 when she started it. Now, according to Science, it has 69% percent of all scholarly articles. 69 percent! It’s controversial, but I’m ideologically in favor. And even if I wasn’t I’d still probably be using the thing every day.”

  • f.lux

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    Kathy Tu
    Host, Nancy
    Favorite App/Service: f.lux

    “This is the best thing you will ever get for your eyes. Bonus: If you’re working late, disable it for an hour at a time so you’re reminded how late it is, and go home.”

  • Freedom

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    Tobin Low
    Host, Nancy
    Favorite App/Service: Freedom (formerly StayFocusd)

    “I can be a real procrastination fiend—no task is above being interrupted by a YouTube-watching spiral. Which is why I have made it a habit of using Freedom. It allows me to block certain websites for hours at a time, letting me be productive without internet distraction.”

  • iReal Pro

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    Shannon McMahon
    Audience Development Associate, WNYC Studios
    Favorite App/Service: iReal Pro

    When I’m not running from SummerStage to The Met to Strand Bookstore and more to manage media partner events, I love using iReal Pro. I’m a singer, but I don’t always have time to rehearse with a band. iReal Pro gives me thousands of songs that I can rehearse whenever I have time. The app allows you to change keys, tempo, and view the chords while a song of your choice plays. This is especially helpful when you find yourself at a gig where someone in the band isn’t familiar with the song or key signature—you can hand over your phone and they can easily play from the chart. Def recommend for busy musicians!

  • Calm

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    Mandy Naglich
    Director of Audience Development, WNYC Studios
    Favorite App/Service: Calm

    I’m obsessed with the Calm app. I work across many teams on all kinds of projects and nothing acts as a better reset than one of the three or five minute guided meditations on this app. I feel like I’m waking up from a refreshing nap after each session. I was skeptical before I tried it but now I’m totally into meditation.

  • Syntorial

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    Jeremy Bloom
    Sound Designer, Nancy
    Favorite App/Service: Syntorial

    I love Syntorial, a fun iPad game that teaches you how to listen to your favorite music and recreate the same sounds on a synthesizer. Kind of like traditional ear training for musicians, but oriented toward electronic music and timbre instead of harmony and pitch.

  • Ham

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    Matt Collette
    Producer, Nancy
    Favorite App/Service: Ham

    I really thought I’d have won the Hamilton lottery by now (I haven’t). But at least entering every day is super easy through the Ham app, which turns filling out the lottery form into a single click, with push notifications reminding you to enter and check your results.

  • DarkSky

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    Caroline English
    Social Media Producer, WNYC Studios
    Favorite App/Service: DarkSky

    It’s a weather app, but unlike any you’ve used before. Okay, that’s an overstatement, but it’s pretty neat. I’ve found that it is extremely accurate. If you’re waiting out the rain to grab lunch down the street, the precipitation tracker is correct down to the minute.

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