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Guide • June 19, 2019

Webby Winners That Showed Pride

This year’s projects that fight for, celebrate, and educate on behalf of LGBTQIA+ lives
  • Universal Love

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    Universal Love  tapped into the MGM Resorts history of hosting same-sex weddings before legalization, by reimagining the lyrics of “classic” love songs. The soundtrack, and vinyl record, features iconic musicians like Bob Dylan, Kesha, Kele Okereke, St. Vincent, and more singing new takes on old songs, to represent different forms of love.

  • Authentically Us

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    The Webby-nominated Oculus VR project Authentically Us  gives us a vignette into the lives of three transgender individuals from the Northwest—a Two Spirit artist, a veteran, and a mechanic—to hear the stories of how they are taking action to protect trans communities.

  • Marriage Unblocked

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    Why rely on institutions to legitimize our love? Marriage Unblocked uses blockchain technology to let partners upload encrypted vows forever, and receive a digital certificate as a symbol of their love. Yes, we’re reaching for tissues, as well.

  • Trans in America

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    It is our duty to love and protect transgender children. This Webby Winner for Documentary: Longform tells the story of Kai, a young trans girl in Texas in order to shed light on her experience and the 207 Texas bathroom bill that would have endangered her well-being.

  • Still Processing

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    Here’s to a Webby-winning favorite: Still Processing. While the podcast isn’t centered on queer and trans lives, hosts Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris often discuss weekly topics through a queer lens of color—a perspective that is oh, so necessary.

    Dive into this amazing episode on Ryan Murphy’s hit show “Pose,” and the impact of seeing chosen queer families in pop culture.