Weekender Bag - Netted
Guide • August 31, 2012

Weekender Bag

Enjoy Labor Day weekend with these four apps
  • Nerdy Day Trips

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    Still haven’t made plans? Enter your location and this site will find the nerdiest things near you. Perfect fodder for a last-minute summer jaunt.

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  • Flock

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    Take party pictures like you normally would and this iPhone app will automatically determine who you’re with and share the photos with them.

  • BeerText.Us

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    You’ve got a brew in hand. It tastes pretty good. Now text the beer’s name to 315-679-4711 and get a reply about its history, ingredients, and alcohol content.

  • Magisto

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    This free app for iPhone and Android can take a hastily shot video and edit it into a polished highlight reel with the push of a button. Memories, but better.

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