What's Old Is New - Netted
Guide • August 2, 2012

What's Old Is New

Alter expectations with altered offerings
  • Digg

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    Bought by the makers of Netted favorite News.me and rebuilt from appearance to operating code in six short weeks. What’s left are Diggs, submissions, and the most interesting news on the Web.

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  • Outlook

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    If ever there was a way to instantly revoke your online street cred, it was uttering the words “at hotmail dot com.” Yet, Microsoft’s email reboot is gorgeous and intuitive. And your name might still be available.

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  • Cue

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    Back when we covered it, it was called Greplin and it helped you riffle through your cloud files faster than Google. Now Cue maps out your day by syncing your calendars and accounts with the same lightning speed.

  • Pocket

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    Two years ago, we reignited our love affair with literacy on Read it Later. Fast forward and the name has changed, but it’s now free, syncs with over 300 apps, has browser extensions and apps, and even stores videos.

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