U.S. Election Guide 2012 - Netted
Guide • October 22, 2012

U.S. Election Guide 2012

13 tools for undecided voters and truth seekers
  • Politify

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    Using sources ranging from the candidates’ websites to the IRS, this site calculates (in real numbers) the impact of proposed tax plans on a national, local, and personal level.

  • Talking Points Memo: PollTracker

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    There’s the Gallup Poll. The Quinnipiac. The Pew. The Pew Pew Pew. Find the most recent polls here, broken down on state and national levels.

    Go to Talking Points Memo: PollTracker

  • Super PAC App

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    This app listens to campaign commercials and tells you who paid for it, how much it cost, what side the backer is on, and how viewers feel about it. Fair warning: The amounts can be staggering.

  • Know Your Ballot: How to Vote on 2012 Propositions

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    Election hubbub is mostly about the candidates. But your state’s proposition votes are just as (or even more) important. This site explains the issues so you’re not caught off guard come ballot time.

  • TurboVote

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    While most registration deadlines have passed, registered voters can go here to apply for mail-in ballots and sign up for reminders. First-timers: Get a head start by registering for future elections now.

    Go to TurboVote

  • Google Politics & Elections

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    We Netted it before, and it’s gotten even better. Sift through breaking news on all four (!) presidential candidates as well as polling trends, voting information, and campaign spending.

  • Dollarocracy

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    There a whole bunch of people in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Find out which companies have them on the payroll – besides us, fellow taxpayer.

    Go to Dollarocracy


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    It’s not enough just to elect your members of Congress — you need to let them know what you stand for. This site makes it easy to convey your support of or opposition to Congressional bills.

    Go to POPVOX

  • PolitiFact

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    Politicians are generally pretty great at two things: saying things, and saying things until they believe them. Cut through the lies (or what sound like lies, but are surprisingly accurate) here.

    Go to PolitiFact or the PolitiFact app

  • No Politics Please

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    Facebook: the desert where friends are. Political Facebook posts: the poisoned oasis where friendships go to die. Stifle your anger by blocking those posts with this Chrome extension.

  • Deeyoon

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    Whether it’s a political kerfuffle or an argument between friends, someone needs to moderate. This video-debate system lets the Internet decide who won.

  • ElectNext

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    Some people vote based on whom they’d rather have a beer with. This site takes personality out of the equation with an anonymous quiz to see which candidate’s policies you agree with most.

  • Smack A Candidate

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    Voters’ tweets control two robotic puppets. With each tweet containing #SmackObama or #SmackRomney, one puppet punches the other — and you can watch in real time. A little catharsis goes a long way.