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Article • November 10, 2009

Save on Corporate and Personal Travel

Ensure you get the cheapest travel rates with Yapta

One drawback to the fact that the Internet allows
us all to be our own travel agents: the anxiety such purchases produce over whether the price will go down after we pull the trigger (and all the time spent bargain hunting).

Yapta—the name stands for “your amazing personal travel assistant”—is a travel site that helps reduce both buyer’s remorse and the time required to find deals by conducting daily price checks on the flights and hotels that you’re interested in.

When prices drop the site alerts you via email or Twitter, allowing you to book at the lowest price.

You’re left with the peace of mind that you got the best deal possible, and you only have to use one resource to do it.

Already purchased a plane ticket directly from an airline? Yapta can actually get you credit if the price goes down later, thanks to a little known “guaranteed pricing” policy that domestic carriers are bound by.

Unfortunately they can’t make the actual flying experience any more pleasant.