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Article • December 7, 2009

Track and Monitor Your Reward Programs and Itineraries

Award Wallet manages your frequent flyer miles and card points so you don't have to

More than 40 billion frequent flyer miles are likely to go unused in 2010, mostly because people will forget they have them.

To make sure you’re not part of this statistic use AwardWallet, a service that keeps track of your balances from airline frequent flyer accounts and other rewards programs (including credit cards, hotels and car rental services).

You provide account numbers and log-in information and they’ll keep track of all your miles and points for free (for up to three accounts; after that it’s what they call a “pay as you want” system). They’ll even track rewards for your entire family.

AwardWallet gathers all your mileage and points info and presents a consolidated report with auto-login links when you want to redeem them.  No more remembering passwords or frantically calling a dozen programs when you’re booking a flight.

When your miles are close to expiring they’ll send you an email alert.  That’s good news, because airlines are notoriously bad at this kind of correspondence (among other things).