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Article • March 22, 2010

Find the Best Seats on Every Airplane

Get the best seats possible on your next plane trip with Seatexpert

Airplane legroom. It’s the Holy Grail of modern travel. But in this age of overcrowded flights and fiscally strapped airlines, it’s increasingly rare.

To ensure your next air journey is a comfortable one, try SeatExpert, a dynamic search engine that finds the best seats on whatever flight you happen to be taking.

Going on a trip? Just enter your airline, flight number and departure date, and the site will pull up the layout of the airplane model you’re due to fly on.

The schematics allow you to study the color-coded maps to find the best spots on the plane. The crucial details include seat pitch (distance between rows), overall seat size and proximity to bathrooms and galleys.

When you mouse over a seat you’re given a mini profile, complete with “notes” (e.g. “Seat 25C has extra legroom because there is no seat in front of it.”)

For more specific queries there’s a feature called Ask The Seat Expert. This magical person can tell you if you’ll be allowed to purchase alcohol on a Singapore Air or how much overhead storage there is on Lufthansa’s Airbus A340-600.

Unless you’re traveling in the cockpit you’ll want to give SeatExpert a try.