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Article • August 27, 2010

Block Your Ex Online

Put your past relationships safely behind you with Ex-blocker

Breaking up is hard to do. And with the advent of constant social networking, denying the existence of an old flame is no easy task either these days.

Put your past behind you with Ex-blocker, a browser plug-in that allows you to block your former significant other’s online activity, allowing you to move on without digital reminders.

Start by selecting your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE are all supported) and filling in your former lover’s name, Twitter handle and Facebook page info. Then click to download and install the plug-in to your browser.

From then on, any information posted by your ex will be blocked from you with a splash warning whenever you’re about to “accidentally” come across news regarding that special someone from your past.

And, should you ever back slide, unblocking takes just a few clicks. Those with a habit of serial dating miscues will appreciate the capability to add up to five exes at once.

Unfortunately, it won’t get all your stuff back from that person’s apartment.