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Article • September 29, 2010

Browse the Cheapest Hotels, Flights, and Cars

Hipmunk is a simple and easy way to search for everything you need while traveling

Travel sites all suffer from one similar fatal flaw: too many search results, and not enough clarity.

Simplifying the process is Hipmunk, a new service that makes it easy to find the right flight, thanks to its drop dead simple visual interface.

To start just enter your locale, your destination and your departure/return date.  Then prepare to be dazzled.

The results show up in a colorful grid-like chart (with prices on the vertical axis and times on the horizontal axis).  You see all of your options right there in one place, free of clutter, text chunks and ads.

You can sort by price, flight duration, and the number of layover (hint: use “agony” button for a one-click version of all three).    When you find a flight you like you can click on it for more information.

The site doesn’t sell tickets, but they do direct you to services that do sell the flights they list.