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Article • October 5, 2010

Search And Write With The Power Of Your Voice

Unleash the power and productivity of your voice with Dragon Dictation

When you speak, people listen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same respect from your smart phone?

Enter Dragon Dictation, an app that allows you to search the web and write emails and text messages via voice commands.

Start by downloading the free app (BlackBerry and Apple devices are supported). From there, you can easily search the web or your device, have texts and emails transcribed or write notes simply by speaking.

And since you’re already trying to simplify communication, consider Unsuck It, an online glossary that can help you decode clichéd business jargon.

If you’ve received an email mentioning “moving the needle” or “value add,” you can use their search function to discern that your coworker is actually talking about making progress or benefits.

The site also gives you an option to email the “douchebag” (their language, not ours) who used the term, complete with a link to the English version of the word.

What we have here is a non-failure to communicate.