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Article • October 15, 2010

Create a Startpage with Your Favorite Links

A homepage to rule them all is at your fingertips with

Though a noted magazine recently declared the web “dead,” there’s a good chance you visit dozens of sites before you have your first cup of coffee in the morning.

To make things a little easier try, a service that allows you to create a cleanly presented custom homepage for your browser.

Create an account and then begin selecting the sites you’d like to have on your homepage. Sites can be organized into groups, and you can add as many as you’d like.

From there, set your address as your homepage (it’ll be a customized URL, featuring your name).

There are no abrasive widgets, overflowing RSS feeds or bookmark bars required; your favorite sites are all available in one easy to reach place (in lovely to look at Helvetica, no less). sites are easy to view from your mobile phone (there’s even a special set of options for iPhones). It’s also a great way to share multiple links with friends or to set up links for coworkers.

The downside: you’ll probably have extra time to help clean up at home in the morning.