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Article • October 19, 2010

Create Your Own or View Customized Travel Guides

Browse travel guides from the seasoned pros with

Travel guidebooks have always been a curious tool for globetrotters. Though well intentioned, they can be confusing and often contain extraneous info.

Thankfully, there’s, a site that allows you to create your own custom travel guides for the cities you’re visiting.

Start by creating an account and picking which city you’ll be visiting. From there you can add the restaurants, attractions and sites that you’d like to visit (the site also allows you to book hotel rooms).

If you’re looking for guidance on a place you’re visiting, browse guides that have been created by other users. Many of them have themes (e.g. “things to do with your kids” or “New York’s Most Beautiful Parks”) and can help you get off the beaten path.

When you’re finished, download your guidebook as a PDF to print or share with others. All items included are pinpointed on a map, making navigating a snap, and the layout makes them easy to fold and carry.

The planet doesn’t feel so lonely anymore.