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Article • November 12, 2010

Communicate with Groups without Annoying Text Overlaps

Easily send text messages to multiple recipients with

Text messaging is supposed to be an efficient way to communicate. Unfortunately, when multiple parties become involved, efficiency gives way to complication.

Enter, a free service that allows you to text message an entire group of friends, family or coworkers.

The service is free and amazingly simple, and you can create as many different groups of people as you want (known as “pulses”). (Inviting your friends by text or email allows them to become part of the “pulse”).

You can send messages from your phone via text or from the web (or from your Facebook and Twitter account). Depending on your settings, your friends can reply to the group or send their own messages.

Use it to tell the entire family you’re running late for dinner, to plan your fantasy football draft or to notify your coworkers about the awesome new office dress code.

Your texting fingers will thank you.