Embrace Culture and Beauty in the Privacy of Your Own Home - Netted
Article • February 3, 2011

Embrace Culture and Beauty in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Tour the world's greatest museums without leaving home with Google Art Project

We spend weekends just like everybody else: doing laundry, catching up on episodes of COPS, and taking the Team Dirigible on quick jaunts to Flanders and Paris to visit art museums. But this weekend we’re lending our only blimp to something called the “NFL” for some kind of sporting event, so we’re going to miss our art fix.

As usual, our savior is the Internet. This time it’s the Google Art Project, which has allowed us to tour the greatest art museums in the world (in amazing detail) right from our desks.

Want to scope out the Tate Britain in London despite living in Arizona? Jolly good! Lingering fear of Vladimir Putin keeping you out of the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg? Dasvidaniya, panic attacks!

Art Project lets you walk the halls of these great museums Google Street View style or quickly view high resolution photos of their most famous works.

We just hope the Packers don’t take our sweet ride for a victory lap after they win. Zeppelins can be very dangerous for the uninitiated.