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Article • April 25, 2011

Keep a Digital Vault for All of Your Information

Safeguard and store all your passwords with Keeper

For Ethan Hunt and other IMF agents, “self-destruct” and “128 bit encryption” are everyday occurrences, if not standards.

For IMF-level security for your sensitive accounts and passwords, we recommend Keeper. The program generates and stores strong passwords to keep your information safe and make every day feel like a mission.

The program is like a safe for your mobile device. All of your information is stored behind U.S. military-approved encryption so only you have access wherever you go.

For added security, Keeper deletes passwords after five failed entry attempts. But fear not! All information is stored in the cloud and can be recovered safely from your home computer.

It’s cooler than having an all-access pass with a time bomb attached to it, except it’s actually useful.

And since we love you so much, Netted subscribers will receive a 50% discount off a year’s subscription. Just enter the promo code “KP50” at checkout and enjoy!