Save Money and Resources by Sharing With Friends - Netted
Article • June 20, 2011

Save Money and Resources by Sharing With Friends

Share, swap or buy goods locally with NeighborGoods

The Netted Team is a mix of proud and ashamed of our ability to hang a picture using nothing but a nail and a can of tomatoes. But despite our MacGyver-like abilities to get jobs done, we’d really like a way to borrow tools and items when we need them.

Now we use NeighborGoods to share, swap or buy goods from our friends and their connections instead of running out to buy everything we need. It’s a safe community where you can save money and resources by sharing stuff with your friends.

Instead of buying a new drill or ladder, you can borrow one from a friend for that one time you’ll need it. And if you’re uncomfortable handing over your stuff to strangers, you can make items only available to friends or charge strangers to use them.

Besides clearing up storage space, it even calculates the money saved by borrowing instead of buying. There’s also a reservation calendar, automated reminders, wishlist alerts, and private messaging between neighbors, so keeping track of all your stuff is beyond easy.

No offense, Craigslist, but we’re starting to like our friends better than you again.