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Article • June 24, 2011

Cut Down on Your Internet Addiction Through Bookmarks

Increase productivity with a simple roadblock with KeepMeOut

Self control is hard. We know firsthand.

Literally, we can’t seem to stop touching the stove, even though we suspect it’s a bad idea.

Finding the self control to stay on task (and away from the web’s distractions) can be just as difficult. If you struggle to stay focused in the face of Facebook’s siren song, try KeepMeOut.

KeepMeOut blocks time-wasting websites by limiting how often you can visit distracting destinations. You choose which sites you want blocked and when, so it’s easy to screen out only what you want.

If you try to access a blocked site too often, you’ll be greeted with a roadblock reminding you of your commitment to going distraction-free. Over time, KeepMeOut even builds up stats to show you how often you attempted to access a blocked site. You’ll never have to convince your boss that the video of a fat cat walking on an underwater treadmill is work related ever again.