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Article • July 1, 2011

Discover and Share Your Favorite Beers

Discover a social network for discovering new brews with Untappd

It’s been months since we misread an invitation to our friend’s brewery as a “bear tasting” event. Luckily, the nice people at the zoo aren’t pressing charges after we tried to make polar bear steaks.

Now we’re just excited to start learning more about microbrews and local ales with Untappd. It’s a social network where we can share what beers we’re drinking, who makes it,  and where we’re enjoying it.

Untappd uses foursquare-style check-ins to share your beer tasting activities with your friends – without an app. Accessing the mobile site is all you need to do to get started.

Like a good bartender guiding his regulars, Untappd offers tasting recommendations based on what your friends have been drinking. We also love the handy “tab” it keeps so we can remember our favorite discoveries.

If you’re looking to do a little more research, we recommend Pintley.  They make personalized beer recommendations based on an intimate knowledge of over 17,000 beers and an analysis of more than 600,000 ratings and taste notes.

Their active community boards are great for discussing beers and discovering new breweries to try out. When you’re out on the town, the iPhone app and mobile site let you take the information anywhere.

We recommend test-driving it during the upcoming holiday weekend. And remember: Calling a beer hoppy has nothing to do with a frantic jumping motion.