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Article • August 9, 2011

Create a Fundraising Campaign for the International Rescue Committee

Take part in DIY fundraising for a good cause with iRescue

The last time we threw a party, the only thing we were left with was the biggest cleaning bill the Eastern Seaboard has ever seen. This time around we’re looking to use our get-togethers for something slightly more meaningful.

We’re using the Webby nominated iRescue DIY campaign from the International Rescue Committee to do this. They make it easier than ever to start a fundraising campaign addressing important refugee issues around the world.

The site allows you to set up a personal campaign page for your friends and family to donate to online. Whether you’re running a marathon, throwing a party to raise awareness, or asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts, using iRescue makes the entire process organized.

Personal pages are very customizable and campaigns can be set to run for however long you’d like. You can even choose to be notified when donations are made so you can personally thank donors.

Right now, they’re emphasizing the response to the severe drought in East Africa that is affecting Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. And you can rest assured knowing that the IRC has one of the highest reputations and is among the most respected of any global charities.

And remember: Handing out Roman candles as party favors is almost always a violation of local fire codes.