Create Healthy Habits and Win Points for Living Healthier - Netted
Article • October 6, 2011

Create Healthy Habits and Win Points for Living Healthier

Get healthy with social gaming with Healthmonth

Until recently our notebooks were covered with “Netted rules, girls drool!” Then we realized that girls are pretty cool, and the drooling might actually indicate a serious health problem.

Healthmonth‘s rules are all about helping you get healthier. Everyone knows that sticking to a health regime is a drag, but playing video games is awesome. Healthmonth makes the power of fun work for you, by turning getting healthy into a game you play with others.

Simply create the “rules” you’d like to live by for a month, like limiting your caffeine or remembering to floss, and try to stick to them. And yes, rules can be made public or private.

This does three awesome things: It turns getting healthy into a community activity, it provides very gentle social pressure to help you meet your goals, and it helps you laugh off any slight setbacks: if you miss a day or two, you can get your friends to “heal” you back to full health, no guilt necessary.

Best of all, unlike that post-dentist high, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be forever – it’s just a month! (Of course, the benefits of being healthy encourage you to keep it up for longer than that.)

As long as your rules rule, you’re sure to rule, too.