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Article • October 10, 2011

Encrypt Text and Files on Your Computer

Protect messages on Facebook, Gmail & more with Encipher.It

All our biggest embarrassments are online for some reason. We just keep professing our love of truffle shuffles, doubloons and treasure maps in a public manner that’s probably detrimental to our image.

Our personal conversations have finally started staying personal by simply installing the Encipher It bookmarklet. After enabling it and choosing a key, it encrypts any text faster than you can bellow, “Hey, you guys!”

The result is a whole bunch of gobbledygook that no one will be able to read unless you’ve given them the key. No matter what kind of message you send, every encoding starts with a fully legible sentence warning your recipient about their need for an awesome matching bookmarklet and key.

And it uses the first cipher standard publicly approved by the NSA for Top Secret information – perfect for keeping super-important conversations about local mob activity or sunken pirate ships secret.