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Article • October 13, 2011

Find the Nerdiest Travel Destinations

Take a trip designed for a nerd with Nerdy Day Trips

People like us who’ve done research on – and are capable of debating – the differences between nerds, geeks and dweebs probably don’t spend much time outside.

To provide a little insight on the wonderful nerdy things the world has to offer and to encourage a little vitamin D consumption, there’s a beautiful site called NerdyDayTrips. It’s a user-generated site using Google Maps to keep the debate about the level of each trip’s nerdery levels going in perpetuity.

But whether you’re looking for a trip to the Maredsous Abbey, on a Moose Safari or the Titan Missile Museum, there’s always something interesting nearby. If you can’t find anything, though, you can easily add your favorite nerdy day trips in your area.

The commenting system’s also a great place to leave your favorite math problems and activity recommendations for each location. But as with any online commenting, don’t feed the trolls, or as they’re more commonly known, the dorks.