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Article • December 14, 2011

Map the Best Detours and Pit Stops on Your Road Trip

Find road trip pit stops with Along the Way

Whether you’re headed to Disney World or Walley World, nothing inspires a sense of camaraderie like a road trip.

Until you get lost. And hungry. And someone needs a bathroom.

Using a combination of Google Maps and Foursquare check-ins, Along the Way not only plots the shortest route between destinations but also shows you popular stopping points along the way.

Find restaurants with local flavor (instead of local McDonald’s with no flavor) and take minor detours for gawk-worthy attractions like the world’s largest twine ball or a house made of beer cans.

In no rush? Add some tangents to your itinerary and soak up the scenery before reaching your final stop.

Just be sure to pack light and say hello to cousin Eddie for us.