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Article • January 9, 2012

Protect Your Personal Information From Apps and Websites

See what sites know about you with My Permissions

A click here. An acceptance there. It’s the price you pay for acquiring that imaginary hay bale to feed the virtual horses on your digital farm.

Sadly, we totally get it.

But all those whims add up, spreading your personal information faster than a Bieber tweet. So it’s probably time to take stock of who knows your what and why.

My Permissions is basically a collection of bookmarks to all the apps permission pages buried deep in your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

The idea isn’t to purge your accounts of all their sharing ability (Princess and Mr. Ed still need their dinner, after all); it’s simply a reminder to check in and make sure your intel is going only to places you want it to go.

Because it’s all fun and games until someone loses a social security number.