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Article • January 25, 2012

Pick and Share Your Favorite Song with Fellow Music Lovers

Share your current favorite song with This Is My Jam

Two certainties in life: death and taxes.

Bonus certainty: that you’ve got a jam.

And now you can share it with This Is My Jam, a refreshingly simple site with a refreshingly simple purpose – to let everyone know what song you can’t get out of your head right now.

Log in using Facebook or Twitter then search for your tune. The site pulls content from HypeMachine and Youtube; you can also connect a SoundCloud account or upload your own files.

This is My Jam will add the cover art and post your jam to Facebook or Twitter. Your song will be available for everyone to enjoy for exactly one week; after that, send out your latest favorite to keep your friends’ headphones fresher than Georgia peach preserves in May.

Another jam we highly recommend.