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Article • February 28, 2012

Print Your Favorite Photos in Under an Hour

Assemble all your online photos in one place on Pictarine

It started with Fickr. Then you dabbled in Picasa before caving to Facebook, which has a not insubstantial overlap with Twitter.

And don’t even mention Instagram.

Here to rectify your severe case of photo fragmentation is Pictarine, an impressive tool that scans sites far and wide – from Facebook to Photobucket, Twitter to DropBox – and pulls all your photos into one massive timeline.

Pretty cool – until you realize that Pictarine can pull in all your friends’ photos, too. That’s when you things get very cool.

Create absurdly comprehensive photo playlists, download copies of photos from others, or just scroll back in time and see what everyone has been up to, pictorially speaking.

Stripped of distracting updates and other social media weirdness, you may find that a thousand pictures are worth more than enough words.