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Article • March 21, 2012

Easily Manage All Your Social Network Settings

Customize all your profiles with Bliss Control

At some point, all this social networking hullabaloo has got to slow down . . .

. . . you say to yourself while signing up for Pinterest.

Whether you belong to one or ten social networks, you should know about Bliss Control. Building on the popularity of Notification Control, developers Ben Lang and Alex Wolkov took the one-stop settings shop idea and expanded it to cover every possible setting on 13 different sites.

First choose the site (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), then choose the setting you want to change (profile photo, bio, email settings, etc.). Bliss Control will generate a link that will take you directly to the appropriate page – no digging necessary.

The tool can even point you to a site’s “delete account” button.

Just in case you got a little overzealous with that Path account.