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Article • March 26, 2012

Keep All of Your Contacts in One Place

Compile physical mailing addresses with Postable

Last night we lost our cell phone. It was actually a pretty funny story.

Unfortunately we have no one to tell it to because we haven’t memorized a phone number since 2003.

Made just for such occasions is a service called Postable, which should, if we do this correctly, build a virtual Rolodex for use during all future mishaps.

First, the site generates a unique URL for you to disseminate to your contacts however you please – be it directly by email or through social media. The link takes recipients to a form asking for their phone number, mailing address, and birthday.

As people respond, their entries are beautifully formatted and organized, complete with a link to a map of their address, a section to add notes, and the ability to export your contacts to a spreadsheet (wedding planning?) or print it on labels.

Meaning the only thing you need to memorize is Postable’s website. (Okay, you can just bookmark it.)