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Article • March 27, 2012

Share Your Location and Arrival Time in Real-Time

Let your friends, family, and everyone else know where you are with Glympse

For you, life is about the journey not the destination.

For the person you’re supposed to be meeting for dinner, they just want to know where the heck you are.

Instead of texting updates every two minutes, use Glympse to send anyone you want a real-time map that shows where you are, where you’re going, and how much longer until you get there.

Unlike other services that broadcast your phone’s GPS location to everyone willy nilly, Glimpse only shares your whereabouts with specific individuals – and each session expires after an allotted time for your privacy and protection.

Apps are available for AndroidiPhoneWindows Phone or BlackBerry. After you’ve used the service a few times, you can even add recurring trips (say, your commute) for an even more hands-off experience.

So you can continue enjoying the journey while others focus on your destination.