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Article • April 16, 2012

Get Personal Discounts Each Time You Fly

Superfly factors in your rewards programs when searching for flights

The definition of irony: how infrequently we actually use our frequent flier miles.

The definition of a reversal of fortune: us discovering Superfly, a search engine that factors in users’ rewards points when finding flights.

Lots of sites can find the lowest fares — but seeing if those fares can go even lower by using rewards points is something that we, like lots of people, don’t have the head for.

Simply creating an account is fascinating; like constructing your travel fingerprint. Sync your rewards programs — everything from credit cards to airline-specific programs — and you’ll immediately see a tally of your “potential savings.” (In our case, $477. Just sitting there.)

When searching for flights, results are plotted in three columns: price, available rewards (already converted to dollars), and price minus rewards. Sometimes rewards won’t factor in. But when they do, you’ll feel like a travel genius.