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Article • May 18, 2012

Find Movies Anywhere and at Any Time

Get movie availability notifications from GoWatchIt

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were one place to keep track of that documentary your friend recommended, the Steve Carell thing with the funny trailer, and that Ryan Gosling flick you’ve been waiting for on Netflix?

Now playing: exactly that. GoWatchIt compiles your movie must-see list, whether the film is a classic you’ve been meaning to see or an indie film that’s yet to hit theaters.

Adding movies to your queue serves two purposes. First, you now have a list of all the movies you want to see (duh). More importantly, if you add a movie that isn’t available in theaters or on DVD yet, you’ll receive an email notification when it is.

All the links you’ll need to start viewing are right on the page: Fandango for in-theater ticket purchases; Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and more for downloads and instant streaming.

Looking for suggestions? Work your way through the complete list of Oscar’s Best Pictures or stumble through some of the worst movies ever made.

We always thought Baby Geniuses got a bad rap.