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Article • July 9, 2012

Plan Your Perfect Trip and Share with the World

Unify travel outlines with Planapple

If a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, then that step requires a whole lot of warming up.

Think of Planapple as your online podiatrist, easing the pain of trip planning with bookmarklets for Firefox and Internet Explorer as well as extensions for Safari and Chrome.

Simply browse your favorite travel sites for destinations and activities as you normally would using Planapple’s extensions and bookmarklets to drop the best option into the applicable itinerary. For more suggestions, the Idea Finder draws in recommendations from Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, Hipmunk, and other sites we love.

Since the list of ideas is huge, the site makes it easy to invite your travel companions to debate the details with you in the discussion section.

Once you’ve purchased tickets and booked hotels, forward your confirmation emails directly to Planapple and it will pull out the pertinent intel and add it to your itinerary. Vacation plans: done.

Stopping the “Are we there yet?” inquiries? That’s up to you.