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Article • July 19, 2012

Collect Money for Fun and Important Causes

Pool money for just about anything with CrowdTilt

Making donations sometimes comes with more questions than answers: Who’s getting the funds? What’s the distribution plan? When will I see action?

Crowdtilt removes the ambiguity with a simple solution: “Oh, my Facebook friend Jim, sitting right down the hall, is in charge. I’ll go ask him.”

Pool funds for ideas big and small, from supporting charitable causes to collecting for a group vacation or going in on a birthday gift. Contributions are variable (and only visible to the campaign organizer), but not a single credit card is charged until a minimum goal is met (so there’s no danger of being the first – and only – funder).

Campaigns run for ten days and come with sharing buttons and a shortened link. Make the effort public or keep it private; the choice is yours.

Once the till is full, the administrator can collect the bounty by direct deposit or physical check.

The only question left is: What will stop you from fixing everything with fundraising?